Monday Monday

Co-Director & Co-Producer, Feature film

At the breathtaking cliffs of Tōjinbō facing the East Sea of Japan, an old man strikes up a conversation with a shy young woman. Through her recounting, we embark on an unusual coming-of-age tale back in the thriving, hard-hearted metropolis of Tokyo, where a painfully plain girl is befriended by a gang of social miscreants and their anarchic hijinks. Monday Monday is an exploration of what it means to be young in the hyperconnected and increasingly automated world.



“Monday Monday” is a phrase used to illustrate never catching a break, like a hamster on the wheel, slaving away for someone else’s gain. This is the bleak outlook for today’s youth in Japan, where talk of the future has the sting of a cruel joke.
Our aim is to create a timely and timeless film that explores the mundane side effects of our hyper-connected moment; an age that leaves us feeling more disconnected than ever. We hope to dramatize the difficulties of feeling painfully plain, of longing for something more, but realizing one’s life is being lived without meaning.
What sounds like a tale of existential despair is anything but. Just beneath its somber exterior is a core that is ultimately and hopelessly hopeful. A rollercoaster ride of youthful rebellion, desperately trying to draw up a blueprint for a world worthy of our dreams. A cinematic remedy to our current collective unhappiness.

The film is currently in development. For more information, visit ¡Bricolagista!  > spacer 


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