La Voz De Los Silenciados

Producer, Feature Film, 80 min

"This no-budget debut feature wields exceptional aptitude on formal and stylistic levels, sometimes even brimming with various audio and visual perks such as fleeting explosions of colour and sound signifying desperate escapist psychohygiene. To put it simply, The Voice of the Voiceless is a revelation"
~ Twitch Film


Our debut feature film La Voz De Loz Silenciados (The Voice of the Voiceless) is a radically different vision of filmmaking. An entirely homegrown effort, this 80-minute silent film tells the story of modern-day slavery, using non-actors, Brechtian edits, a brutal subway landscape, and the isolation of deafness. Inspired by a real New York story, the film follows Olga, a hearing impaired teenager from Central America. Lured to New York City under the false promise of attending a Christian sign language school, she finds herself a slave to an international criminal syndicate. Forced to sell “I am deaf” trinkets on the subway, Olga is trapped inside a nightmare that will not end– and the audience, are trapped with her.

The film is now gaining momentum in the international festival circuit and have picked up a few awards along the way. For more details, please visit




Director/Writer:  Maximón Monihan
Producer: Sheena Matheiken
Cinematographers: Miana Juanita Grafals and José Galleta
Lighting Director: Jesus H. Garrett III
Assistant Director: Andrés Prokopenko
Editor: Miguel Sobo
Sound Designer: Miguel Coffman
Art Director: Janeva Adena Calderón Zentz
MakeUp, Hair & Special Effects: Señor Muerto
Title Designer: José ‘Pepe’ Newton
Visual Effects: Marcelo Z, Erica Perez, Danilo De Gloria, Gap Yossanun Sangpattharamatee, Rico Drake
Production Assistants: Nicolita ‘LeeLee’ Monihan, Sancho Denton, Yoshiko Mori, Héctor ‘Flaco’ Concepción, Deniella Rosa
Location Manager: Samuel Rohn
Casting: Kristiano Sorge, Aldofo ‘Rony’ Mejia
Production Company: Bricolagista! Productions


Best feature Film / Poland Ale Kino IFF 2014
Best Director /
St. Petersburg Beginning IFF 2014
Best Sound Design / St. Petersburg Beginning IFF 2014 
Young Critics Jury Award
/ Mumbai IFF 2013


Ale Kino IFF 2014 / Poland
Singapore IFF 2014 / Singapore
St. Petersburg Beginning 2014 / Russia
Transilvania TIFF 2014 / Romania
Istanbul IFF 2014 / Turkey
Galway Fleadh 2014 / Ireland
NXNE Toronto 2014 / Canada
Göteborg IFF 2014 / Sweden
Zlín 2014 / Czech Republic
Glasgow FF  2014 / Scotland
Kerala IFF 2013 / India
Thessaloniki 2013 / Greece
Dharamshala IFF 2013  / India
Mumbai IFF 2013 / India

Special Screenings

Northwest Film Forum 2014  / Seattle
TIFF 2014 Retrospective  /  Bucharest
Outdoor Cinema in Castle Forest 2014 / Sweden
Alliance Francaise de Bombay 2014  /  Mumbai
DIFF 2013 Retrospective Screening  /  Delhi

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