Sea to Shining Sea

Narrative Feature Film

Two brothers from other mothers, from different sides of the world, with different opinions on damn near everything, travel in a dusty old Subaru coast to coast across the fantastic and fantastically flawed United States of America.


“A love letter to the other America”

25 years ago, at a halfpipe contest somewhere in Europe, two of skateboarding’s biggest loudmouths first met. They’ve been best friends ever since. Monihan, the palest of pink skinned pro-skaters from America, would later be crowned Thrasher Magazine’s “Most Hated Skateboarder of All Time”.  Boerleider, the chocolate complected comedian from Amsterdam, would gain fame as the most uncoordinated class clown to ever be sponsored by a big skateboard brand.

Now the glory days of youth are in their rear view mirror, with only the responsibilities of adulthood on the road ahead. As sand slips through the hourglass, Boerleider wants nothing more than to fulfill his lifelong dream of seeing America – a land of mythic proportions for this European, who has gladly gulped down every bit of exceptionalism the USA has ever propagandized about itself. But Boerleider is also a Black European, so for as much as he romanticizes all things red, white and blue, he is also rightfully terrified by the thought of being shot by a trigger happy cop.

Born and raised on American soil, Monihan is a bit more jaded about his homeland, having witnessed its contradictions and shortcomings his entire life. Nevertheless, he’s about to make his best buddy’s dream come true, thanks to his mom giving him the keys to her old Subaru at precisely the same moment Boerleider can get time off from his job in Amsterdam.

Almost immediately upon arrival in California, the Dutchman finds himself in an extremely awkward situation. And it’s a precarious start to our coast to coast adventure with two aging, shit-talking skaters, driving across the great expanse of a fantastic and fantastically flawed United States of America.

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