Ingrid Silva

Director, Co-producer ~ Documentary short film

“When I first started dancing, I had no one to look up to. No one who looked like me... And I often wonder, if I had seen someone that looked like me, how would that have shaped my mind? My vision?”
— Ingrid Silva

In this film, Ingrid Silva—ballerina, activist and new mother—talks with Kim Barke about growing up in Brazil, her unlikely entry into the world of professional ballet, confronting the challenges of being a Black ballerina in a predominantly White space, becoming a new mom in turbulent times, and turning to activism and advocacy. She then breaks into dance—mere months after having given birth to her daughter—in a performance that made us all *gasp* on set. Produced by The Bloc, I had opportunity to direct and co-produce this film, along with my partner-in-crime at Bricolagista, Monihan Monihan.  MAKING SPACE premiered at Cannes Lions in June 2021.

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