20 Decades of 2020

Designer, Book

In the wake of the first pandemic lockdown of March 2020, members of the Guild of Future Architects came together to conceive a speculative writing project that would eventually become this book.

20Decades_0120Decades_0220Decades_0320Decades_0420Decades_06 20Decades_05

This book is a collection of 20 stories by 20 authors, set in an imagined past and a remembered future, charting 10 decades into the past and 10 decades into the future. Conceived by Sharon Chang and co-designed along with fellow designer Mariano Spino/Novoa, the book is structured to bound so as to open the middle, allowing the reader to turn pages to the left or right to access the past and future respectively.

To be released by Fera.Press >


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