Converse dotcom

Creative lead / Interaction Design

The brief for the new was to put together a distinctive e-commerce experience that reflected their authentic community focussed in art, music, fashion and skate culture. The site stays true to the Converse audience of “optimistic rebels” through compelling content and a credible voice, while minding the need for intuitive shopability and smart merchandising. With a design inspired by the Chuck Taylor, an icon of simplicity and a canvas for self-expression, the goal of the interface was to establish a product democracy that would make all of the Converse product lines as easy to access and consider as the beloved Chucks. A team of fifteen from Digitas designed and developed the site in partnership with Converse, over a one-year period.

Client: Converse
Agency: Digitas
Creative Director: Atit Shah
Assoc. Creative Director: Sheena Matheiken
Technology Director: Rich Lafauci
Writers: Atit Shah, Matt Mckenna
Art Directors: Danny Lo, Sheena Matheiken, Jesse Suchman
Interaction Designers: Kathryn Yu, Amy Hung

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