Mill Brand Video

Creative Director

Corporate videos are rarely fun. It’s never easy to capture the essence of what you do with the right degree of pride and confidence, but tempered with the necessary amount of honesty, humility, humanity. I was briefed to create a corporate video that captured the The Mill’s capabilities in a succinct and contemporary fashion, while hitting the tightrope walk of a pitch-perfect tone. We started with a refreshing palette, a truthful timbre and style that captured the core axioms behind the Mill’s work – being creative and being efficient. Making that paradox a reality is the Mill’s mission.


Company: The Mill
Executive Producer: Adam Isadore
Creative Director: Sheena Matheiken
Writer: Ethan Eichrodt
Art Director/Lead Animator: Wesley Ebelhar
Animators: Johnny Likens &  Ryan Decarlo
Editors: Jonathan Rippon & Moss Levenson
Producer: Orlaith Finucane


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