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The Guild of Future Architects (GoFA) is a progressive non-profit organization with a 100-year vision to act as a critical animator of enlightened cultural, social, economic, and political systems. It is a home, refuge and resource for people collaboratively shaping a kind, just, inclusive and prosperous world.

GoFA_AnnRept_screenshotsGoFA_AnnRept_screenshots_0001_Layer-8GoFA_AnnRept_screenshots_0002_Layer-9GoFA_AnnRept_screenshots_0001_Layer-11GoFA_AnnRept_screenshots_0003_Layer-4GoFA_AnnRept_screenshots_0004_Layer-2GoFA_AnnRept_screenshots_0005_Layer-11GoFA_AnnRept_screenshots_0006_Layer-12GoFA_AnnRept_screenshots_0007_Layer-10GoFA_AnnRept_screenshots_lastThe annual reports from The Guild of Future Architects are far from your typically dense PDFs pumped up with numbers and jargon. Conceived and designed as a highly immersive and visually compelling narrative experience, the annual reports released by the Guild tend to be a noteworthy publishing event in and of itself. Above are some screens from GoFA’s interactive reports from past years.

GoFA Annual Report 2020 >

GoFA Annual Report 2021 >


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