B Team info map

Information Designer / Art Director


A large format info map. The aim was to visualize a complex web of data, encompassing all the challenges and hurdles faced by global business systems. As drab as it may sound, this map boasts to be the first of its kind in the business world, addressing a gaping need: Laying out all of the biggest challenges faced by companies in order to identify entry points for positive interventions. The goal? To improve business models by placing people and the planet ahead of profit.

The B Team was founded by Sir Richard Branson and Jochen Zeitz with the aim of creating a future world where business is a driving force for social and environmental progress, not simply driven by economic goals alone.

My job was to categorically decode a stack of rudimentary sketches and flowcharts that identified challenge areas, interconnections and intervention ideas researched by the B Team. Then visualize all this data into a lucid, multi-tiered information map that would spark discussions at the first annual summit of B-Team leaders from around the world. Given just a week to accomplish the task, we shied away from interactive solutions and resorted to printing 80″ x 60″ layers of vinyl prints that broke down each tier of the map. The success of the info-map has prompted the B Team’s interest in creating an iPad version that could serve as a pocket tool for C-level executives.




Client: The B Team
Content Strategy: Tiffany Franke
Information Design: Sheena Matheiken
Printing: Publicide, NY


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