Working Dead


Before the Walking Dead, there was the Working Dead: a covert photo project created as a commentary on corporate drudgery. The Working Dead was conceived and executed over a weekend with my partner in crime James Graf, while we worked (like zombies) at a New York agency. We collected photos of agency staff feigning mysterious deaths in curious locations within the agency. The photos were then posted on a website dressed as a media stunt, where theories to explain the cause of death of each employee were solicited by online viewers. The collection was then published with the winning hypotheses.  Below are some highlights.

“Catherine chokes to death on her coffee after being shocked by the hideousness of her jacket lining”

“Identified with the R. Kelly classic, I believe I can fly'”

“Those were the nicest pair of ____ I’ve ever seen.”

“No mercy for the guy who didn’t mercy flush”

“In his typical turned-around fashion (someone whose very name was even backwards) it’s fitting that Bob would meet his demise falling up the stairs”

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