GE Kinect Wall

Creative Director / Interaction Designer


Healthcare conferences aren’t exactly synonymous with great information design. As industry leaders in technical invention, General Electric wanted to create an interactive educational experience that was on par with their actual products, stoping conference attendees in their tracks. To exhibit GE’s healthcare offerings in a more memorable way, we created a Kinect-based gaming environment, GE FLIGHT: a fly-through experience over New York and New Orleans, simulated on a Kinect wall spanning a 5×3 grid of 46″ screens. After choosing a city and an aircraft, attendees would virtually ‘fly over’ the city, controlling the aircraft physically, with their swaying bodily gestures. During the flights, participants would avoid obstacles while discovering and collecting ‘tokens’ hanging over landmark buildings and locations. Each token revealed how GE could help connect productivity and care in unique, often unexpected ways, to enable cost savings, workflow improvement and a better patient experience.

The project was designed and developed at SuperTouch, NY, and installed at the HIMSS conference in New Orleans in March 2013.



Client: GE Healthcare
Developed by: SuperTouch Group
Exec. Producer: Sam Ewen
Creative Director / Designer: Sheena Matheiken
Senior Producer: Christine Lane
Tech Lead: Alpay Kasal
Game developer: Noah Zerkin

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